Publicat în Jurnalul Oficial nr. 0 din 01-01-1900

Draft DECISION OF THE EEA JOINT COMMITTEE amending Annex VI (Social security) to the EEA Agreement - Draft common position of the Community

(presented by the Commission)


1. In order to ensure the requisite legal security and homogeneity, the EEA Joint Committee is to integrate all the relevant Community legislation into the EEA Agreement as soon as possible after its adoption.

2. The EEA Joint Committee should therefore adopt the attached decision to amend Annex VI to the EEA Agreement by adding recently adopted acquis in the field of Social Security. The decision concerns:

32002 R 0410: Commission Regulation (EC) No 410/2002 of 27 February 2002 (OJ L 62, 5.3.2002, p. 17).

3. The proposal includes an adaptation for EEA EFTA States.

4. Article 1(3)(a) of Council Regulation (EC) No 2894/94 concerning the arrangements for implementing the EEA Agreement envisages that the Council establish the Community posit

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